1. Into The Fold
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Into The Fold

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This is an earlier song of mine, written about being in nature for days on end. I wrote in a guitar tuning that I like to call "DArk and DEAD."


When the night washes the sun away
And brings to close another day
Time slows down as shadows grow
The ancient moon begins to glow

Trees silhouette the purple sky
Stars appear like watchful eyes
The North Wind ushers in the cold
And brings with it a history untold

And beckons you into the fold

The hours will be at your command
Truths will lead you by the hand
Mysteries begin to take hold
Whispers turn to screams you can't control

That beckon you into the fold

Don't turn around, don't walk away
Face it head-on, it'll be okay
It's dark, but it makes the light shine like gold
Fortune favors the bold

When it beckons you into the fold