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Just Cause (Live)

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This is a song that I wrote and recorded live, and under the influence, just hours after getting home with a new banjo.


Add H2O, and knead that dough
Apply the heat, and watch it rise
It has no choice, it's in its nature
Character flaws; it is a just cause

All the things move towards an ending
To grow and change, to touch the sky
It's who we are, not who we was
I'll take a loss, if it is a just cause

I fill my cup, and turn it up, but it sets down empty
I'm not sure that it's the cure, but it's a remedy

If I knew which way to go
I would be running, I might anyway
I might be lost, but I'm my boss
I can pay the cost, if it is a just cause

I can bear that cross, if it is a just cause